Forest of Dean Wild Boar Chase bike ride


Full Boar
42 miles
Wye Boar
37 miles
Forest Boar
25 Miles
Small Boar
19 miles

The Wild Boar Chase 2014

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Addison, Simon Full Boar South Glamorgan
Aggett, Joe Full Boar Gwent
Alcock, Phil Forest Boar Leicestershire
Alder, Seb Full Boar Oxfordshire
Alderson, Matthew Full Boar Monmouthshire
Allen, Richie Forest Boar Worcestershire
Allister, Jo-anne Full Boar Avon
Allum, Paul Full Boar Wiltshire
Alsop, Rob Full Boar West Midlands
Anderson, Craig Full Boar Gloucestershire
Andre, Daniel Full Boar Gloucestershire
Andre, Leon Forest Boar Gloucestershire
Andre, William Forest Boar Gloucestershire
Appleton, Lee Full Boar Cheshire
Arnett, Gary Forest Boar West Midlands
Atkins, Tim Full Boar Gwent
Atkinson, Andy Full Boar Gloucestershire
Baggus, Kevin Forest Boar Gloucestershire
Bagwell, Andrew Small Boar Gwent
Bagwell, Ewan Small Boar Gwent
Bagwell, Harry Small Boar Gwent
Bagwell, Janet Small Boar Gwent
Bailey, Andrew Full Boar Gwent
Bailey, Neil Full Boar Gloucestershire
Bailey, Sarah Forest Boar Wiltshire
Baker, James Full Boar Gloucestershire
Baker, Victoria Full Boar Gloucestershire
Barlow, Ian Forest Boar Staffordshire
Barnett, Dave Forest Boar Herefordshire
Barton, Paul Full Boar Gloucestershire
Barton, Ruth Forest Boar Gloucestershire
Batts, Jonathan Full Boar Gloucestershire
Beal, Steve Forest Boar Gloucestershire
Beardmore, Robin Full Boar Gwent
Beechey, Paul Wye Boar West Midlands
Bell, Andy Full Boar Gloucestershire
Benjamin, Gavin Full Boar Herefordshire
Benjamin, Nicola Small Boar South Glamorgan
Bennett, Jamie Forest Boar Gloucestershire
Bennett, Peter Full Boar Gloucestershire
Riders 1 to 40 of 671
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