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Kullu Sarahan (Himachal Pradesh), Oct 5 2011 (IANS)
The woman, her mean machine and the mountains. As she cycles through the cold, often inhospitable terrain of the Hercules MTB (mountain biking) Himachal-2011 route, Nepal's intrepid woman biker Nirjala Tamrakar Wright says she's aiming for a hat-trick of wins.
"... Last month, Nirjala, who got married to a Briton in January this year, bagged the first prize in the 6th Forest of Dean Enduro race held in Gloucestershire, Britain, Sep 25. It was a unique experience, she said. "The track was very technical, single and muddy as it rained heavily while the race was on. It was mentally challenging. You can't see much as you have to clean your eyes time and again to remove mud," Nirjala said. She was then riding her sponsored Qoroz Professional titanium bike. She stood first among 35 female competitors by completing the 20-mile (32-km) race in 2.17 minutes".

Mud in your eye

IT RAINED, it poured and rather than suffering from broken or sprained limbs, the biggest problem was mud in the eyes. Despite this, the Forest of Dean's 6th MTB Enduro and the first to be taken on by the Lions, was a stonking mud-splattered success raising thousands for local Forest charities. Entries nearly doubled to 491 with 430 taking part on the day and they came from Kathmandu to Carmathenshire. It is now a cert there'll be an even more ambitious event next year. "It was absolutely brilliant, really went well and the atmosphere was so friendly," said Alan Townley of the Lions. "Entrants were amazingly good humoured, even though it rained almost constantly while the race was on. It was only as the last ones were completing their laps that the sun finally came out. "When one of the riders I knew came in and said 'Hi Alan' I couldn't tell who he was, he was that covered in mud. They were absolutely plastered. We don't know of any injuries, but the biggest problem was mud in the eyes which needed to be washed out." Angus Holland, a heating engineer from Lydney on his first major enduro event, said it was as much about mind as body. "Some of the riders doing four laps were doing them faster that we were doing two laps. Hats off to them because they're real athletes. It is a real mental challenge just taking on the second lap, you can't see, I had to keep washing off my glasses with my water bottle, there are roots and stumps everywhere. One of my friends had to pull out after one lap and had his eyes washed out with two litres of saline solution. He made the mistake of taking his glasses off so he could see. "But you really felt so great about just completing the laps and I have to say it was really well organised. By the time we'd finished and got a cup of tea our times were up on the screens." The enduro, which took in freshly laid-out trails and tracks around Sallowvallets near Cannop, involved a series of laps – each being 10 miles long.

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Team discounts with your Review IF you can get together a Forest-based enduro relay team of mates, workmates, lads or lasses for the forthcoming Forest of Dean MTB Enduro relay race, you could get a discount on your entry fee. The 6th Forest of Dean MTB Enduro, consisting of 10 mile, 20 mile and 40 mile races and a first ever relay is being organised by The Lions Clubs of The Forest of Dean, Royal Dean Forest Cycling Club and Black Sheep Sports with the support of the Forestry Commission.
Brian Griffin of the Lions Clubs who is helping organise the Enduro on September 25, says they're keen to encourage Forest based teams to enter. "What we'd like are teams from companies, or mates who've got together as a team. They can be works teams, they can be lads or lasses and there's no age barrier. "There should be four in each team and each member will do a lap of around 10 miles each. The course being laid out will be largely new single track with some very challenging sections to get your teeth into."
The Forest of Dean MTB Enduro is being held on Sunday September 25 with entrants meeting in the morning at Pedalabikeaway Cycle Centre in the Cannop Valley. Entry for the races can be done online via
Apply for a team discount... If you're local to Wyedean and want to apply for a team discount for the Forest of Dean MTB Enduro relay race go onto the website and enter the code Review2011. You'll then be eligible for a 15 per cent discount for each individual in the team. Normal entry rate is £13.00 per team member, a total of £52 for a full team

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Forest and Wye Valley Review - 29 June 2011

What about a cycle festival? say Lions Wednesday, 29 June 2011 THE two Lions clubs in the Dean are planning a full on Forest of Dean cycling festival for spring. Brian Griffiths of the The Lions Clubs of the Forest of Dean says: "It seems to me there is an opportunity in the Forest to have a cycling festival. It would attract people in to come and see what bikes are on offer, see the latest models. "We'd aim to have workshops on how to set up your bike, ride them and maintain them. "We're also looking at running a sort of recreational 'sportive'. A trail taking in the best viewpoints and cafes in the Dean and out into the Wye Valley. The idea being to show people all the best places in the area." The Lions aim to attract in several thousand visitors and a wide range of trade stands for the inaugural festival, possibly at Speech House fields. The clubs already have support from the CSMA at Whitemead Park, Parkend, Speech House, Forest Holidays and the new owner of Pedalabikeaway at Cannop. The date for the 6th Forest of Dean MTB Enduro is to be Sunday (September 25) at Pedalabikeaway. Entries online at www.fodmbe.

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Forest Review 5 May 2011

"THE Forest's two Lions clubs have announced they're taking on an annual enduro-cycle event and have ambitious plans to expand it. Forest of Dean Lions and Severn Dean Lions currently run the Forest's biggest firework display at the Speech House. The enduro-cycle event, in its sixth year, will be a fresh challenge for the combined teams. Nigel Sampson of the Lions explained: 'The Forest of Dean Cycle Club have been running it, but we've been asked to take it on. It usually attracts about 300 competitors, around 250 last year. We're planning to expand it, ideally to about 500 entrants.' Mr Sampson says this year's enduro-cycle event will take place around Pedalabikeaway and Sallowvallets, including new trails, on September 25 2011. He said there'll be competitions for various age groups ... and for varying experience, from beginners to the most experienced. 'We have a separate website, we're also looking for entries from outside the Dean, so we'll be putting the message out in mountain bike magazines. Well-known photographer, Joolze Dymond, is also willing to help publicise the event ..."

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