Wild Boar Chase and Humbug Chase Mountain Bike rides – 1st September 2024.

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The Wild Boar Chase is a mountain bike ride in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley using forest tracks, bridleways and short sections of minor roads.
Choose from longer, tougher routes to shorter easier routes.

Routes for 2024

We have new routes for 2024:

Small Boar (22 miles)

All riders cycle all or most of the Small Boar. The small Boar will remain in the the Central woodlands of the Forest of Dean.

Full Boar (43 miles)

Leaves the Small Boar, descends to the banks of the river Wye, then climbs back up to return to the Forest and join the remainder of the Small Boar route.


There are 2 shortcuts on the Full Boar Route that remove some of the distance and climbs.

Woody Shortcut

Cuts out 1.4 miles of distance and a 200 ft climb

Hog Shortcut

Cuts out 5.5 miles of distance and 500 ft of climbs


You can choose any shortcuts and/or change the distance you ride on the day, no need to inform us.

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Humbug Chase Mountain Bike Ride for kids – 1st September 2024.

The Humbug Chase is a shorter ride for 8-12 year olds.
It is an accompanied ride with no road mileage and no road crossings.
All riders cover the same distance of approx. 8 miles. If your child has a Mountain Bike why not encourage them to ride the Humbug Chase  with other kids their age.  They will have great fun, while their entry fee  helps raise funds for local good causes.
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Our Location

We are located in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, near Bristol and Gloucester and Chepstow in Wales. It is easily reached by road from the M48, M4, M5 and M50 motorways.

Organisers and Helpers

All the organisers and helpers on this event are volunteers. After the Wild Boar Chase in 2017 the Lions were able to award more than £15,000 from the event’s proceeds to worthy causes in the Forest of Dean.