Wild Boar Chase MTB ride in the Forest of Dean
PedalaBikeAway - main sponsor of the 2019 Wild Boar Chase

Wild Boar Chase 2019 - Times.

The columns in the spreadsheet show the route entered and the route taken as deduced from the scans of the bar codes on the number.

If your number was not scanned on the route the Woody Boar route is assumed.

We had a staggered start to alleviate "bottlenecks" so you will need to adjust your time as follows:

Full Boar riders - no adjustment needed.

Hog and Woody Boar riders subtract 10 minutes from your time.

Small Boar riders subtract 20 minutes from your time

Humbug riders subtract 30 minutes from your time

- Download 2019 rider times (Excel file)

- Download 2019 rider times (PDF file)