Two tandems in 2019 Wild Boar Chase so far.

A photo of 2 riders on a tandem
Two tandems entered so far – Photo: Shannon Cotrell. (

Some years ago local crew Dave and Jan Miles rode the Small Boar on their tandem. This year so far we have 2 tandems entered, one is from TROG MTB coming over from Suffolk. The other is a team from Berkshire.

Wild Boar Chase update

Many thanks to all of you that have entered the Wild Boar Chase so far.
We still have plenty of entries left, so please mention that you have entered the event in your social media feeds.
Although J K Rowling drew some inspiration from her time in the Forest of Dean we are not social media wizards, in fact we are more like social media ‘woodentops’ 🙂 but your posts can help make up for our lack of social media wizardry 😉

Wild Boar Chase - Control sign

Although on the entry form you are asked what distance you wish to ride, you may change your mind on the day – no need to inform us. We will track your route by scanning your event number at a ‘Control’, so when you see a sign like this one, stop and get your number scanned.

Riders at the start of the Wild Boar Chase.
Riders at the start of the Wild Boar Chase.

Clubs and rider locations so far?

3 Pint Thursdays
Aberdare MTB
Avonlea Treasure RT
Bigfoot MTB
Cardiff JIF
Chaingang cycles
Cheltenham and County Cycling Club
Chepstow Cycling Club
Clevedon & District Road Club
CTC Northampton
Cycle – tec
Cycle Bores
Darksiders MTB
Fat Bustards
Fishface cycles
Gloucester MTB
Gloucestershire Eldersfield
Kenilworth Wheelers
Mission MX
Mountain Biking and Beer Appreciation Society
old timers
Performance Cycles Club
Prestbury Twice Weekly All Terrain enthusiasts and…
Royal Dean Forest cc
Reservoir Cogs
Ride 24/7
Riding on tandem
Ross on wye CC
Rush Cycles
SAS cycle club
Shipham Gentleman’s Cycling Club (SGCC)
Shipham MTB
Sikad Gloucester
Stratford Cycling Club
Swindon Mountain Bike Enthusiasts
Swindon mtb
Team Swindon Cycles
The Fat Bustards
TWA Prestbury
UK Gravel Bike Club
Viney Hall
Weston Wheelers
Winchcombe Cycling Club
Witney Mountain Bike Club

An image showing the Wild Boar Chase logo
Wild Boar Chase MTB ride.

Riders so far are from:

Rhondda Cynon Taff3
North Yorkshire2
West Midlands1
South Glamorgan1
A photo of the start of the Wild Boar Chase in 2013
Start of the Wild Boar Chase in 2013

So, What on earth is a humbug?

Photo of a young wild boar (c) Robin Ward
Photo of a young wild boar (c) Robin Ward

Locally, we refer to young wild boar as “humbugs. This is due to the light brown stripes that they have running across their back. The coat becomes darker and a more uniform colour as the humbugs grow up.

A photo of a humbug sweet
The other type of humbug

When you visit the Forest please never feed the boar.

How many wild boar in the Forest?

When we prepare for the Wild Boar Chase we often see Wild Boar – or evidence of where they have been – in the Forest There are an estimated 1,645 wild boar in the Forest of Dean this year – the highest number estimated to date. The figures are calculated annually by the Forestry Commission. When riding in the Forest please treat all wildlife with respect.

When you visit the Forest never feed the boar. Please do not leave unwanted food in the Forest.

A photo of a wild boar taken by Robin Ward.
A wild boar in the Forest – photo (c) Robin Ward

Post Horn Gallop to see you off

An image showing Rojer with his post horn
Rojer with his post horn

Once again, Rojer, of local brass band Forest Brass will play the Post Horn Gallop as you set off on the Wild Boar Chase. It’s not easy to play a post horn like the one above – especially for several minutes at a stretch, so please give him a cheer as you pass.
Rojer’s post horn has been with him since his army days. You can hear it in the video below (from 2016).

Early Bird entry ends January 31st.

Enter early for a reduced entry fee.

Many thanks to all those who have entered the Wild Boar Chase 2019 so far. Riders have signed up from Devon to Derbyshire, Cambridge to Manchester and a good contingent from the great Principality of Wales. Several riders are representing their clubs including the Fat Bustards, Beer Appreciators (we’re with you on that!) , Bigfoot, MB Swindon, Winchcombe, Reservoir Cogs and the locals of the Royal Dean Forest Cycling Club (RDFCC) to name a few.

Entries until the end of January pay a fee of £20 per rider. From February 1st the entry fee increases by £5 per rider.

Remember – you can help us to promote the event if you mention the Wild Boar Chase in your social media feeds.

A photo of Riders on the Wild Boar Chase in 2015
Riders on the Wild Boar Chase in 2015

Entry opens Jan 2nd 2019

Wild Boar Chase & Humbug Chase –  Sunday May 12th 2019. 

The entry for the 2019 Wild Boar Chase will open on January 2nd 2019.
Enter early for a cheaper entry fee:
Entries during January will be £20 per rider, the same as last year.
The Entry fee will increase on Feb 1st to £25 per rider

T Shirts
There will be T-Shirts for the event. This year they will be yellow. T shirts will be printed to order and can be picked up at signing on.

Event Date
This year the event will take place on Sunday May 12th – 1 week earlier in the year than last year, so please mark your calendars.

Social Media
Please help the event by publicising the it in your Social Media feeds. 

About Us
The Lions and their helpers are all volunteers and take no money from the event. We do need to pay fees to the Forestry Commission, medics and for equipment hire etc. However, there will be a substantial amount left which the Lions will donate to causes in the Forest of Dean.

Wild Boar Chase direction sign
Wild Boar Chase direction sign