Humbug Chase – Instructions for 2018


All humbug riders must bring a filled-in and signed  parental consent form for the Humbug Chase 2018.
Click to download the form:  Humbug Chase – parental consent form 2018

Start Location

The 2017 Humbug Chase will start and finish at the Speech House Field in the heart of the Forest of Dean.
The start will be at 10:10 a.m. after all of the Wild Boar Chase riders have set off.

The address of the start location is:
Speech House Field,
The Speech House Hotel,
GL16 7EL

These instructions supplement – but do not replace the ‘Rules of the events, What to bring, Terms and conditions‘ that you agreed to when you entered.

Signing On

The union flag will be flying on the field at the signing-on tent.

The adult accompanying each rider must sign on.

Signing-on will be done by surname of the rider.
Humbug riders need to sign on in their own queue – do not join the queues for the Wild Boar Chase signing on.
Signing-on will open at 07:45.
By signing on the adult agrees to the rules of the event and agrees that these rules apply to each humbug rider that will accompany the adult.
Parental consent forms must be handed in at signing on – one for each humbug rider
All riders signing on will be issued with a number to attach to their bike handlebars and cable ties.
Put the number on your bike handlebars using the cable ties.

Please inform the signing on crew if you have a medical condition.

Start Time

The Humbug Chase will start at 10:10 a.m.

The Start

The start will be at bottom corner entrance to Speech House Field in which riders will park, sign-on and finish.

You need to be ‘ready to go’ in the Assembly Area (see map below) 5 minutes before the starting time i.e. 10:05 a.m.

An image showing a Humbug Chase sign
Humbug Chase sign

Assemble at the humbug sign (above)

You will then be called up to the start.
The Guide riders from the Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club will be made known to you.

Please do not join the Wild Boar Chase riders who will all leave before you start.

All Humbug Chase riders will start together.
The signal to start will be a hooter and the raising of a flag.

The Route

We will mark crucial junctions as follows:

Humbug Chase direction sign
Humbug Chase direction sign

Ride in the direction in which the white arrow points.

However, experienced riders from the Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club will guide the riders to guide them along the route. These riders are also trained first-aiders.

The Finish

The Finish will be back on the Speech House field.


Parking will be in the Speech House field. The car park entrance is on the B 4226 Coleford to Cinderford Road. See Map below.

Plan showing entry point, signing on point and assembly area.
Plan showing entry point, signing on point and assembly area.


Food and drinks will be on sale on the field from 08:00 onwards.
There will be a food station at the half way point.

Coffee and tea will be on sale all day at the Speech House Hotel.

You may wish to carry a small amount of water with you especially if it is a hot day..


On the Speech House Field: There will be toilets on the field. Please note their location on the map.
On the Route:
There are no toilets on the route


In case of a problem or emergency please inform one of the Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club guide riders.

Should for any reason a guide rider not be available please call:

– Wild boar Chase at PedalABikeAway on 01594 860 065
(this number is to be used on the day of the event ONLY)

– or Nigel on 0771 464 0306.

– or John on 07502 602 644.

If necessary call the emergency services on 112.
We will have First Aid cover at the event HQ and a mobile unit