Wild Boar Chase – Instructions

Version 3 – Sep 8th- 2021

Thank you for entering the event

These instructions supplement – but do not replace the ‘Rules of the events, What to bring, Terms and conditions‘ that you agreed to when you entered.

Under 18 parental consent form

Under 18’s please download the form get it signed .

Have the form ready when you enter the car park.

Before You Travel

  • We recommend that you consider taking a lateral flow test before you travel.
  • Please look at the entry list on this web page .
  • Write down your rider number in large numbers on a sheet of A4 paper. Bring this with you!.
  • If you also entered someone else, please advise them of their rider number as we do not have their email address. Please refer them to this page for instructions.
  • Have the sheet with your number ready when you enter the car park.

Just to repeat the above, the entry list with rider numbers are on this web page: https://www.fodmbe.org.uk/wild-boar-chase-entry-list-2021/

When you arrive.

  • Follow the signs in the car park. If there is a queue, please stay in your car and wait.
  • When you reach the head of the queue STOP.
  • Stay in the car and hold up the sheet to the window to enable us to read your rider number.
  • We will scan the bar code on your rider number plate and you will deemed to be signed on.
  • Your number will then be put under your wipers after the code is scanned to register your arrival.
  • Repeat this for all riders in the car.
  • Finally, hand us any under 18 consent forms or Humbug consent forms.
  • You may then drive into the car park.
  • Park as directed by the Stewards

Signing On

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic signing on will be different to previous years. You will deem to be signed on when you are given your rider number. This will done as described above.

  • By signing on you agree to the rules of the event.
  • All riders signing on will be issued with a rider number to attach to their bike handlebars as described above.
  • Once you have parked, pick up 3 cable ties to attach the rider number to your handlebars. Note: these are re-usable ties.
  • A map of the routes will be available for those who want one..

Printed Route Maps and Cable Ties

Printed route maps and cable ties will be available outside the reception tent after you have parked your car. These will shown the various routes and the location of the Marshal points.

Parking Location

Parking will be in the Speech House field. The car park entrance is on the B 4226 Coleford to Cinderford Road. See Map below. Parking is FREE.


The address of the start location is:
Speech House Field,
The Speech House Hotel,
GL16 7EL

Map showing Car Parking, Signing on, Start Location

Start Location

The start will be near the bottom corner entrance to Speech House Field. See the map above.

Start Procedure for 2021

The event will start at 10:00 a.m.
We aim to get you all underway by 10:30 a.m.

As there is no Mass Start this year. You may proceed to the Assembly Area (see map above) as soon as you are ready after 9:50 a.m. Please try to socially distance yourselves from riders not in your party.

There will be three lines with a scanner at the head of each to set you off. Ride up to the scanner operator – STOP-move off when indicated to do so by the scanner operator.

We aim to start riders by scanning their rider numbers 3 at a time at approx. 9 second intervals, so please judge your arrival in the assembly area by the number of riders waiting. Timing does not start until your number is scanned at the start.

Changes to Category entered

You may change the Category (distance) that you entered, you do not need to tell us. As we are not scanning on the route this year your original category will show on the times.

The Route

We will mark crucial junctions as follows:

A yellow direction marking in the form of a paint-sprayed yellow arrow on the ground – ride in the direction of the arrow. (The paint we use is bio-degradable).


A direction arrow (example below) – ride in the direction in which the arrow points.

Wild Boar Chase direction sign
Wild Boar Chase direction sign


Pink Flags – ride along the track on which you see the flag

An image showing a wild boar chase direction sign.

Please note; the white arrows and white flags are for the Humbug Chase and can be ignored. Follow the yellow arrows, pink flags and signs as per above
The pink flags will mostly be apprx. 400mm above ground level.

Marshal Points

Marshal points are numbered P1 to P48.
There may not be a Marshal at every point but at significant road crossings or junctions there will generally be a marshal in a high viz jacket.


There will be NO ‘passage controls’ on the route this year due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

There will however be a control at the FINISH where your bar code will be scanned. This will record your time and show us who is still out on the route

Please make sure you are scanned at the Finish even if you retire.


Beware of traffic, road crossings, free roaming sheep, deer, wild boar, walkers, dog walkers, horse riders, other cyclists, tree roots and tree stumps, loose rocks, stones etc. Riders are advised to carry a charged mobile phone.
We advise you to load the what3words app onto your phone to enable you to be located easily in the event of an emergency.
Parts of the course pass near settlements so please be courteous to our locals – we have to live with them all year! and want to be able to offer you another Wild Boar Chase next year.

Hazards and Descents

A steep descent sign
Descent or drop ahead

A steep descent or sudden drop is ahead. Slow down and be prepared

A hazard sign for the Wild Boar Chase
Hazard ahead – ride with caution

A hazard is ahead, slow down and be prepared.

Hazard warning signs along the route are shown on the above. These warn of particular steep descents or hazards such as large roots or rocks, pot holes and closed Forestry Commission barriers.

However not all hazards will be marked and riders must ride within their own capabilities.

On downhill single track sections give the rider in front space and time if you are riding in a close group of riders.


Gates and Barriers

All routes pass through gates and through or around barriers.

Roads and road crossings

There will be roads to join and/or cross on the route.
We will pre-warn riders of an approaching crossing with the following sign:

A road ahead sign for the Wild Boar Chase
Wild Boar Chase – Road Ahead sign

Cyclists are to follow the highway code when joining or crossing roads..

Marshals and Cut Off time

The organising team, all Marshals and helpers are volunteers and some will be in position for many hours. Depending on the position on the route, most Marshals will stand down at 16:30 or earlier.

Please show your appreciation of the Marshalls as you pass them.

Course Closing Rider

Our Course Closing Rider will leave 10 minutes after the last rider leaves the start and sweep the course slowly.
The closing rider will pass cyclists who are walking and those cyclists will then need to follow their maps and the yellow paint arrows back to the finish.

The Finish

The Finish will be back on the Speech House field.

Riders will be funnelled into single file and bar codes will be scanned by the finish crew.
Please ensure that your bar code is scanned by the finish crew in the order that you finish.

Bike wash and shower facilities are not available at the Speech House Field but are available at Pedalabikeaway (1 mile away).


The Wild Boar Chase is a RELIABILITY RIDE not a race.

However, for personal interest only, we will time the riders around the route. Times will be posted at the finish as soon as they are available.

Catering / Food / Water

Remember to bring along a filled water bottle. You can top it up at water stations on the route.

Food and drinks will be on sale on the Speech House field from 08:00 onwards.

There will also be a feed station and water station on the Small Boar, the Full Boar and The Hog. PLEASE DO NOT DISCARD WRAPPERS IN THE FOREST. Free Bananas will be available as well. A Bike mechanic will also be here.

On the route – water and some snacks will be free but you as above may wish to carry a small amount of money for coffee, snacks etc.

Coffee and tea will be on sale all day at the Speech House Hotel.


On the Speech House Field: There will be toilets on the field. Please note their location on the map.
On the Route: At PedalABikeAway (P42)


In case of emergency contact the nearest Marshal or call:

John on 07502 602 644

or Hugh on 07976 259 730

or Alan on 07443 847 916

If necessary call the emergency services on 112.
We will have First Aid cover at the event HQ.


If your bike breaks down, we can recover it and bring it back to the event car park. Phone as above.


John Ord’s photo team will be covering the event again this year.

Thank you for entering the Wild Boar Chase. The event is organised by the Lions Clubs of the Forest of Dean with assistance and advice from the Royal Dean Forest Cycling Club. After we’ve paid all the fees, everything goes to local good causes here in the Forest of Dean. All organisers and helpers are volunteers