Wild Boar Chase 2018 – event update

Wild Boar Chase & Humbug Chase – May 20th 2018

Thanks to you all for entering the Wild Boar Chase yesterday and hope you enjoyed the course designed by Dr John of the RDFCC and approved by the Forestry Commission. Some sections are approved for the day of the event only.

The weather was great and our organising team and Marshalls really enjoyed the event.

You all know that the Wild Boar Chase is not a race – but for your own interest we did record your times.  Ryan our IT man, has a day job,  and will get the times collated as soon as he can. Just check the Home page of the web site as that is where we will post them.

John Ord the event photographer added: “Well done to everyone who completed the Wild Boar Chase last weekend”.
“Our team captured some fantastic photos and we are pleased to let you know that all of the Humbug Chase images are now online”.
“Photos from the rest of the event will be available within the next few days.
Just go to:
And hit the View and Buy Event Photos button”.

T Shirts
Some of you asked about T Shirts – so we will re-open T Shirt orders until 31st May. We have had to add £2.50 to the previous price to cover postage and packing. Click here to order

We are interested to hear what you thought about the event. To leave feedback, positive or negative please use the Contact us link on the web site.

About Us
The Lions and their helpers are all volunteers and take no money from the event. We do need to pay fees to the Forestry Commission, medics and for equipment hire etc.. However, there will be a substantial amount left which the Lions will donate to causes in the Forest of Dean.