Wild Boar Chase – Start arrangements

Staggered Start

We have a large entry with a wide range of ability and experience. To reduce delays at bottlenecks we ask for the co-operation of all of our riders.
Generally the quicker and more experienced riders will have entered the FULL BOAR. We will have an area at the corner of the field, nearest the gate for FULL BOAR riders.

Full Boar

We ask that FULL BOAR riders split themselves into 3 categories
A) FAST likely to complete the full distance in 3-4 hours (At the front near the gate)
B) MEDIUM –FAST likely to complete the full distance in 4-5 hours (Behind the Fast riders)
C) DURABLE BUT NOT SO QUICK likely to take over 5 hours (Behind the Medium Fast riders)

Hog and Woody Boar

Behind the FULL BOAR riders will be an area for THE HOG and WOODY Boar riders

Small Boar

And behind them those riding THE SMALL BOAR


The mass start is one of the highlights and features of the event so there will be a minimum delay in starting all of the groups in turn. The whole thing should only take about 3-4 minutes. It is NOT a race.